Where it all began

Whiteout started as music project on a freezing cold December in late 2015. The venture at this point was kept alive by the two guitarists Tim (ex Mask The Faceless) and Ricky (ex Atropas and Underskin). Their indelible thirst to create something new and never seen before was egregious! With every song they wrote, with every recording they made, more and more passion was set free like a fire raging through the sacred woods.
They knew that if they wanted to go forward they needed the right individuals with the identical mindset.

The Rise

Nothing is harder than finding the right people for your project, especially if they need the same passion as you.
After a long back and forth they found their first possible member who could do the job! They found Mike (ex Save Sour Last Breath and Searching For Diamonds) an ardent vocalist and screamer who not only impressed with his ability to sing but also with his magical touch for lyrical spiciness.
Several months passed, and Whiteout became more and more what it was meant to be.
Through luck and the enormous help of Facebook, they got in touch with Michael, a dedicated, trustworthy and thoughtful bass player.
He was the right fit for Whiteout than he knows exactly how to bring the cosmos of lower frequencies into the world of the living!
Since the beginning of this journey, luck played a big role for Whiteout, then their Drummer was found last minute before their very first concert. Daniel (ex Searching For Diamonds) joined the club(ex Searching For Diamonds), he was not only the wittiest person they ever met he was also an extraordinary drummer, with incredible songwriting skills.

What Whiteout Stands For

Whiteout is now a mix of five friends who want to share their immense passion for music with the audience and deliver a show beyond belief.
Their sound, put into words is a mix of Metalcore and Hardcore with a lyrical spice of philosophical, personal and controversial topics.

«Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.»
– Aristocles son of Ariston